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Time For A Dream 90min
Inspired by the summer fields, this energizing treatment is intended to build up energy, warm the body and enhance the mood. With a delicious fragrance of broom flower and honey, a gourmet sugar scrub exfoliates the whole body to promote circulation and cellular renewal. Then a warm, dry oiling softens the skin and an energetic massage of the legs, back and arms stimulates the body from toe to head for a sun-like sensation.
THB 7490.00
Ode To Rest and Hands At The Origin 120min
A reassuring and enveloping massage targeted on the upper body (back, neck, shoulders and arms) with a nourishing body cream. Thanks to a rich texture and notes of citrus fruit, the body feels protected and gently carried by benevolent hands. Then, the flagship hand treatment, true to the origins of MAISON CAULIÈRES and inspired by hand reflexology, begins with a creamy hand scrub, followed by a comforting moisturizing mask and a relaxing hand massage to eliminate muscle tension and encourage body and mind to balance by stimulating the hand reflex points. An invitation to a global sensation of well-being to complete this cocoon-like sensation of care.
THB 10700.00
Soothing Body Path 150min
This trio of wellness offerings is an ideal combination for those seeking much-needed attention to their entire body. The journey will relax aching muscles, deeply moisturize your body and relieve stress and fatigue.
THB 11074.50
Revitalizing Body Path 210min
Beginning with a Lemongrass Body Scrub that refreshes emotionally and relieves fatigue, an Aroma Revitalizing Massage follows this personalized treatment and concludes with our EviDenS de Beaute Facial Ritual that will highlight, nurture, energize and invigorate your skin, placing the finishing touches on your quest for deep and vibrant relaxation.
THB 13482.00
Detox Body Path 240min
This unforgettable combination of treatments will detoxify your body, increase blood circulation, and leave you feeling revitalized, rejuvenated and ready to conquer anything that may come your way.
THB 15889.50